Our fearless leader, Shaina Evoniuk, has several one-of-a-kind talents, and one of them involves performing aerial violin with our quartet! We’ve played a number of performances where Shaina soars above us, while we keep her grounded in rhythms and beats below. We’ve captured a couple of those moments on video, and hope you enjoy them! 


As a collective of musicians, women, and friends, the members of Eclecta Quartet have struggled to put words to the past couple of months. It’s no surprise, then, that we found our voice through music – and from there, the inspiration for our first-ever official music video.

This video is dedicated to the organizations, communities, and individuals who have helped us find courage, compassion, and inspiration; to the incredible musicians and artists who remind us that we play a part in real change; and to everyone that needs a reminder that we are strong and resilient. For as long as we march together, we are unstoppable.