We’re at our highest of highs when our performances inspire creativity in others – so you can imagine our level of excitement when Anouk Vandenbussche, a young Belgian violinist, discovered our arrangement of Changes on YouTube and performed it as part of a dance collaboration at her school.
The performance, staged at the Freinet School and created by the children themselves, was done in cooperation with the organization Passerrelle and under the guidance of Pol Coussement. The theme for the performance was “Mirrors.”
We’re thrilled we could play a tiny part in helping these students create art, and are so inspired by the end result! Special thanks to the Vandenbussche family for sharing this moment with us. We look forward to following your creative journeys as they evolve.

We’re proud to release “Changes” by David Bowie as the first video in our six-part series.

The selection was an obvious one for Eclecta. Just a couple hours before we learned of his passing, we were singing his praises as we listened to Blackstar for the first time – his ability to stretch himself in so many directions, and make music that’s so brave, bold, and beautiful has truly inspired us throughout our musical careers.

Thanks, Bowie, for helping us become bigger, bolder, and more beautiful versions of ourselves. And thank you, dear readers, for encouraging us to continue on that path. Enjoy the video and we look forward to sharing our next installment on Thursday!