For two weeks, the Bay Area was abuzz with Super Bowl 50 action – and Eclecta was busy taking part!

Our first stop: The NFL Players Association’s Super Bowl 50 VIP Party. On Thursday evening, we played for current players, NFL alumni, families, and organizers while they celebrated the game. The crowd was super energetic, so we busted out Michael Jackson, Metallica, Meghan Trainor, and all our upbeat songs so they’d keep dancing, singing, and feeding great energy our way. We had an absolute BLAST.

Our second stop: Gatorade. The night before the Super Bowl, we played a cocktail hour and dinner for members of the Gatorade family, including sports giant Abby Wambach. We are huge fans of Abby both on and off the field; her recent World Cup title and her commitment to promoting gender equality are super inspirational to us. We were stoked to entertain everyone with a few easy-going tunes and to share a few words with Abby after our performance.

Our final stop: Our couches! After a busy weekend, we watched the Super Bowl, totally in awe of Lady Gaga’s National Anthem and Beyonce’s killer appearance in the halftime show, and relaxed before our next set of performances approaches. Stay tuned…

We’re proud to release “Changes” by David Bowie as the first video in our six-part series.

The selection was an obvious one for Eclecta. Just a couple hours before we learned of his passing, we were singing his praises as we listened to Blackstar for the first time – his ability to stretch himself in so many directions, and make music that’s so brave, bold, and beautiful has truly inspired us throughout our musical careers.

Thanks, Bowie, for helping us become bigger, bolder, and more beautiful versions of ourselves. And thank you, dear readers, for encouraging us to continue on that path. Enjoy the video and we look forward to sharing our next installment on Thursday!